Friday, 20 February 2009

Vad man kan hitta om man går bakom huset...

Sotaren kom in och sa:
- Ni har 1 meter långa istappar på baksidan, vet ni om det?
Jag har faktiskt aldrig sett så långa på ett vanligt hus. Hur kan det bli sådär? Har det med isoleringen på vinden att göra? Jag har för mig att det är så.
Man kan smida onda planer med såna där missiler på huset. Jag ska nog inte dra såna ideér här för jag är inte säker på att det går hem här på bloggen... :o)
I morgon ska jag putta ner dem så inte något otrevligt händer...

Thursday, 18 October 2007

From the beginning was nothing...

Here you can take a big breath and the start to plan...

Istn it wonderful to get new ideas and just feel you can make it?
Do you want to see more rooms? Welcome to Abandoned rooms

I want to show you something that is mine to. This is my boat and its one of the few material things I really care about. Amazing littlee thing, and its all handmade of a sailor named Willy Ehler.

Are we Housewife i cyberspace?

I found a lot of old magasines on a little fleamarket, my feeling was: They are writing about the same things that I do on this blog but in an another way... Husmodern=HousewifeSweet painting of prinsess Christina made by Einar Nerman. He has done the litte boy on our match-boxes, very famous man.
Here we show porselain, embrodery and some cookies.
And gardening of course, and the children has to try it to.

Very nice stowes, look like they come from that time, but they are new and are made in 4 colours more. You find them at Big Chill.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Today at 07.16 we got current-interruption and everything stand still for a moment, until you have made up some new plans for the day.But I had a chance to light the candles.
Yesterday I was on the fleamarket and I found this 3 plastic-pots. Im collecting them.

Chirp from France

I found a Frensh webb-shop, you can take a look here French garden house

Some pichures from the shop. Nice Teddybear, is nt it?

My "blue room" in the shop

This is pichures from my shop, I have five rooms and I have already show the "Black room".
Its wallpapers from some age of 1700 and its blue and white.
This is an bird I found on Formex this year, lovely and cheep.
Its old nightdresses on the wall.
Old rocking-horse
Can you see the little bird?

A bird at the fence

I have made a bird in concrete, its NOT a swedish one , Im sure. It has a big bill and a ball on the head. He has no name.